Affordable automation for Delhi-NCR SMEs

Jul 22, 2014, 01.09PM IST

By Kamal Mansharamani, Director & Co-founder,

Individual brilliance and entrepreneurial zeal only can take us far. SMEs however, lack access to tools, technology and best practices that mature organizations bring to the table.

In Noida alone, there are over 5,000 small manufacturing enterprises and a big service industry. Automation is one area where SMEs have to take a big leap and an ERP solution is the first step.

And providing affordable ERPs is a challenge for the service providers. ERPs are simply out of reach for the SMEs as in traditional ERPs customers have to pay a huge amount for procuring ERP licenses and the hardware. In addition, they have to shell out an equivalent amount for implementation. In addition, there are annual maintenance costs.


Being based out of Noida gives us an advantage to understanding the requirements of the units here, more closely. Players like workXmate can play a role in enterprise automation in Delhi-NCR region in a big way at affordable prices. Cloud technology has lowered the cost of accessing world class infrastructure.

  By designing multi-tenant applications, technology leaders are able to further reduce the cost of the solutions as the infrastructure is shared across companies in a secure manner as if there is no other company accessing the solution. DIY (Do-it-Yourself) mode of operation helps eliminate the cost of implementation.

Typically these solutions are available on the cloud in a pay as you go model. SMEs do not have to lock their capital in infrastructure and licenses.

It is a completely elastic system that allows SMEs to add resources as the system grows. SMEs can manage their complete business on the cloud at zero infrastructure cost.


The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) App in the new generation ERP that helps SMEs accelerate growth by giving them complete insight into their Sales & Marketing. These Apps can help them manage the complete marketing cycle from campaign management to lead capture.

They can track all the activities of their sales people even when they are working from remote locations. This ensures that no leads are lost in the system and each lead is tracked to closure. Since CRM is part of ERP and not a standalone App, the SME is able to manage delivery to ensure customer delight.


We have found that SMEs in Delhi-NCR typically are not able to afford a high caliber full-time CFO to manage the finance functions. However, they still need to manage all the finance related issues. A good ERP solution can give management team a complete insight into the finance related issues. It would ensure that all the Invoices get raised on time and there are no revenue leaks.

It generates reports to track collections against the due dates leading to better cash flow management. It also alerts the management on Compliance related issues like the Tax returns, and statutory payments like the PF, Service Tax, and TDS etc.


The new generation clouds ERPs are not just tools that provide ability to automate the processes. They incorporate the industry's best practices as part of the recommended processes. This would give SMEs in the Delhi-NCR a huge advantage as they gain access to processes that are at par with the best in the world.

They also get the ability to benchmark their key metrics with the industry leaders. It gives them pointers to the areas of improvement as well as the extent of the gaps.


Retaining talent is a major challenge for SMEs. ERP solution encapsulates all the best practices related to attracting and retaining talent. It helps improve employee engagement to build a highly motivated and aligned workforce and reduces attrition levels.

SMEs also get access to the best-in-class project management tools. These tools help them manage the projects with significantly lower project management overheads.

They can also track the project health and profitability during the course of project execution. This gives them the capability to execute projects within the given time-frame and in other budget.