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On Demand SaaS Knowledge Management on the Cloud for SMEs

  • Secure Knowledge Repository for Enhanced Collaboration: Share any document with your team/ customer/vendor with SaaS knowledge management from workXmate
  • Reduced Document Retrieval Effort: Access even past version of all files in the cloud from anywhere anytime. Support for alerts upon content change & Tag Search
  • Identify Missing Documents: Streamlined document management in the cloud with workxmate knowledge management software
  • On Demand SaaS Knowledge Management on the Cloud for SMEs integrated to work with Project Management, HCM, CRM & Intranet
  • Our SaaS based knowledge management is part of an overall ERP suite.


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What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of capturing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge to achieve organisation’s objectives. A Knowledge Management tool or software manages all Knowledge being created in your organization. It leverages technology to organize & provide access to Knowledge in a collaborative environment . A good Knowledge Management tool should provide access management & version management. It should also be integrated with ERP consisting of Applications for CRM, Project Management, Human Capital Management & Intranet.

workXmate cloud based technology and Knowledge Management Software helps you manage all Knowledge related documents, streamlining Knowledge access in your SME organization and helping you make the most of your organizational knowledge..

workXmate provides one of the bext Knowledge Management SaaS based software in India.

Transform your Knowledge Management with workXmate's ERP module - Knowledge Management for SMEs.

How does workXmate Cloud Knowledge Management Help Grow my SME or Startup?

workXmate Knowledge Management in cloud provides you best of breed automated Knowledge management processes, providing collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and ensuring higher productivity.

workXmate Knowledge Management software is entirely online and cloud based, so it provides anytime anywhere access to knowledge to your team.

The cloud Knowledge Management solution from workXmate is seamlessly integrated with our online ERP consisting of Applications for CRM, Human Capital Management, Project Management & Intranet.

SMEs and Start ups across India, Australia, USA and Europe are using workXmate Cloud Knowledge Management to accelerate their growth.

Cloud Knowledge Management vs On-Site Knowledge Management?

Traditional On-site Knowledge Management tools are being replaced by online Knowledge Management Apps accessed through a web browser. The Online Knowledge Management tools are also known as web based Knowledge Management tools, hosted Knowledge Management tools, cloud Knowledge Management tools, SaaS Knowledge Management tools, or on-demand Knowledge Management tools. Small & Medium Companies as well as Start ups are moving to workXmate Knowledge Management cloud applications to ensure that all important knowledge gets retained and is easily accessible.

  • Knowledge Management tools reduces Total Cost of ownership. workXmate Knowledge Management Software significantly lowers Total Cost of ownership by removing the upfront capital investment in Servers & Software as well as service costs related to customization, implementation and maintenance.
  • Web-Based Knowledge Management tools for Rapid Deployment. workXmate Hosted Knowledge Management tools implementation takes just a few days compared to months with onsite client/server Knowledge Management software.
  • Web-Based Knowledge Management tools Makes replaces Customisation with Configuration. workXmate online Knowledge Management solution does not need any customization. It is designed to be Configurable by even non-technical users. You can configure the app in minutes using an interface designed for Self Service.
  • Web-Based Knowledge Management tools Features Unlimited Scalability. workXmate provides a multitenant Knowledge Management solution hosted on Amazon, allowing you to scale your business without high costs or delays.
  • Web-Based Knowledge Management tools Provides Free and Painless Upgrades. You always get to use the latest version of the web-based Knowledge Management system because deployment of new Knowledge Management tools features are instantaneous.