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HCM on Cloud

  • Improve employee engagement to build a highly motivated and aligned workforce with workXmate online HCM
  • Significantly reduce Attrition levels
  • Gain access to industry best-practices in HR
  • Streamline HR operations
  • HR analytics for trend analysis and timely counter-measures
  • HCM on the Cloud integrated to work with Project Management, CRM, Knowledge Management & Intranet

Core HCM

Static as well as Dynamic Employee Data Available on Fingertips: Ability to view, analyze and plan based upon updated employee information in the cloud

Employee and Manager Self-Service for Hassle Free Administration of Employee Data: Reduced costs to maintain updated information such as Dynamic Data, Leaves, Attendance and Reimbursements

Timely Employee Performance Reviews and Confirmation: Schedule annual and midyear reviews to track employee performance year over year in the ERP Software



Faster Filtering of Candidates from Multiple Sources based upon Parameters Important to you

Recruit the Right Applicants: Streamlined planning to ensure you prioritize the best applicants for your most important vacancies

Collaborative Environment for Managing Recruitment Pipeline: Faster hiring with Recruiters and Interviewers working collaboratively with transparent access to data


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What is HCM?

Human Capital Management (HCM) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS), refers to the systems and processes at the intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology. A good HCM software is a single point solution that combines employee management software & recruitment management software. Some of the early HCMs are Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft and SAP HCM.

workXmate cloud based technology and HCM Software helps you manage all your employee data, streamlining your Small/Medium Business or Start up and saving valuable time and scarce resources.

workXmate provides state of the art HCM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) leveraging the secure cloud computing infrastructure of Amazon.

Get Started on the cloud and transform your Human Resource Management with our leading edge HCM for SMEs.

How will workXmate Cloud HCM Accelerate Growth of my Small/ Medium Business?

workXmate HCM solution provides you the best practices and tools that were available to only larger enterprises until now and that too at affordable price. It has all the features of best Enterprise level HCM that are required by SMBs.

workXmate HCM software provides you best of breed automated business processes, providing all employee data on your finger tips, & ensuring greater employee satisfaction.

workXmate human resource management software is cloud based, so it frees up your team from traditional admin activities, and focussing on key employee issues and ensuring employee satisfaction.

The cloud HCM solutions from workXmate are seamlessly integrated with ERP consisting of Applications for Project Management, CRM, Knowledge Management & Intranet.

Small & Medium enterprises including Start ups across India, Australia, USA and Europe are Accelerating Growth by leveraging workXmate Cloud HCM.

Online HCM vs On-Site HCM?

Traditional On-site HCM are being replaced by online HCM accessed through a web browser. The Online HCM are also known as web based HCM, hosted HCM, cloud HCM, SaaS HCM, or on-demand HCM. Small & Medium Companies as well as Start ups are moving to workXmate HCM cloud applications for Employee Management, Recruitment Management and Leave & Attendance Management to ensure that all important employee data & transactions get recorded.

  • Web-Based HCM reduces Total Cost of ownership. workXmate Human Capital Management Software significantly lowers Total Cost of ownership by removing the upfront capital investment in Server & Software as well as service costs related to customization, implementation and maintenance. In fact the total cost of ownership of workXmate HCM is lower than the total cost of ownership of Open source ERP or HCM point solutions.
  • Web-Based HCM for Rapid Deployment. workXmate Hosted HCM implementation takes just a few days compared to months with onsite client/server HCM software.
  • Web-Based HCM Makes replaces Customisation with Configuration. workXmate online HCM solution does not need any customization. It is designed to be Configurable by even non-technical users. You can configure the app in minutes using an interface designed for Self Service.
  • Web-Based HCM Features Unlimited Scalability. workXmate provides a multitenant HCM solution hosted on Amazon, allowing you to scale your business without high costs or delays.
  • Web-Based CRM Provides Free and Painless Upgrades. You always get to use the latest version of the web-based HCM system because deployment of new HCM features are instantaneous.